Restrictions and conditions

General restrictions

Do you want to send a parcel or document via KDZ Express? Check whether your shipment complies with the requirements:

  • A parcel may weigh a maximum of 30 kilos. The number of parcels per shipment is unlimited.
  • The maximum dimensions of a shipment are 120x50x50 centimetres.
  • No hazardous substances: (ADR), gases, live animals, illegal or unpacked products.
  • Plants, plant products, liquids and valuable documents may be transported under certain conditions.

More information? Call our customer service: +31 (0)20 30 30 530.

Here is a list of products Prohibited – restricted commodities (PDF) which cannot be shipped or only under certain conditions.

Terms and conditions

All our offers and agreements are subject to our general terms and conditions. Download the General Terms and Conditions KDZ Express B.V. (PDF) here.

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